Is That The Return Of Uncle Ben In Spider-Man: Dead No More?

Shown off at the Diamond Retailer Breakfast ahead of C2E2 this morning, was cover art for the Dead No More storyline for The Amazing Spider-Man debuting in Marvel's Free Comic Book Day offering. And, yes, that looks like Spider-Man's Uncle Ben upfront and centre…. But is that Captain Stacy behind him? Looks like all sorts of […]

Bill Finger Gets His First On Screen Batman Credit In A Surprising Place

So a couple of nights ago, Adult Swim aired the Robot Chicken: DC Special III, all approved and signed off by DC Entertainment. Yes, even that. And the Penguin Robin crotch-gaze fantasy sequence.  It was only a few years ago that DC Comics wouldn't even let Mike Allred have Batman do the Bat-usi on the […]

X-Files Season 11 Anyone? IDW At ComicsPRO

IDW has been showing their wares at ComicsPRO, the retailer meeting going on in Portland right now. They'll be continuing the Spider-Man comic book strip collection into 1979, for the Library Of American Comics imprint alongside Bravo For Adventure by Alex Toth. They promised retailers that Top Shelf is going to remain Top Shelf after […]

Swipe File: Green Arrow And…Green Arrow

On the left is Ivan Reis' Green Arrow #0 cover, on the right is Daniel Sampere's new Green Arrow #35 promo image. Are they just a similar pose or is there a swipe going on? Swipe File investigates! Compare the muscle shading on his right thigh. The torso angle. The perspective problems on the right […]

Creative Team For Blood Red Dragon #0 Revealed

The names on the headlines may be Stan Lee, Todd McFarlane and Japanese rock star Yoshiki, when Blood Red Dragon #0 launches at San Diego Comic Con. But, with Image's October solicitations, we discover it has actually been written by one Jon Goff and drawn by Carlo Soriano and Crimelab Syndicate. Carlo drew the cover…