Dan Brereton

Dan Brereton's New Art Book And The Future Of The Nocturnals

If you hit comic shops this week, you may have seen Nocturnals: The Sinister Path on the shelf. And if you didn't, you need to have a discussion with your retailer. Creator Dan Brereton could've sat back and taken a break, but nope… he jumped right into his commission list and now he has a […]

Dan Brereton Makes The Local News For 'Nocturnals: Sinister Path'

Residents of Sacramento had a treat yesterday morning when Artist Dan Brereton showed up on Good Day Sacramento to talk about his new graphic novel, Nocturnals: Sinister Path. I talked with Brereton not long ago about the project. Brereton talked with host and friend Cody Stark about the book, which will be released on Wednesday, […]

Walking The Sinister Path – Dan Brereton And The New Nocturnals Graphic Novel

The world got it's first look at Dan Brereton's Nocturnals back in 1994 in a six-part miniseries called Black Planet from Malibu Comics. Other miniseries and oneshots would follow including Witching Hour from Dark Horse, Troll Bridge and the Dark Forever from Oni Press and Carnival of Beasts from Image Comics. Now, after almost a […]

National Cartoonists Society Original Art Auction Is Now Live

The National Cartoonists Society Foundation charity art auction is now live and features some pretty interesting items from a variety of well-known creators. Donated items include pieces from Bill Morrison, Bruce Timm, Dan DeCarlo, Dean Yeagle, Stan Sakai, Sergio Aragones and many more. We mentioned this auction back in November, but the items are now […]

Dan Brereton Covers Kolchak For Moonstone

Fans of Kolchak: The Night Stalker are in luck this November as Moonstone Books publishes two new graphic novels of the classic monster hunter. Originally created by Jeff Rice as a 1974 television series starring Darren McGavin, Chicago newspaper reporter Carl Kolchak has become an iconic character in the world of horror. The most recent […]

Timeless Wise Words From The Soapbox

You say the name Stan Lee and most people think about larger-than life character that cameos in most Marvel movies. Others think about the debate about creators right and how credit for the early Marvel characters were presented. For some growing up in the 70s and 80s he was the face and voice of comics. […]

Dan Brereton And The New Nocturnals Graphic Novel The Sinister Path

Dan Brereton is going back to Kickstarter for a new campaign. After he successfully got the funding for his art book, he is now using the crowd-source tool for a new version of The Nocturnals in a graphic novel called The Sinister Path. The Nocturnals started over 20 years ago in a series called Black […]