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'Crocodile Dundee meets Quantum Leap' – Bruce Outback on Kickstarter
By Joe Glass Currently on Kickstarter to raise funds for making his full length comic book debut, Bruce Outback follows the adventures of the titular Australian detective as he solves crime through time…helped by a genetically modified, super-intelligent koala bear. By Kris Carter and Jim Bampfield, Bruce Outback has been an idea kicking around their heads for[...]
Comics for Your Indie Cred: The Pride #3 On ComiXology Today
The midpoint single also features a new artist, Dan Harris, known for his work on another indie UK title Lou Scannon That title, in fact, describes itself in ads as simply, "Sci-Fi, Comedy, Swearing." Certainly Harris shows his work is just as expressive here as it is with LS as his lively style art is[...]