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"Doctor Who": All-Star Cast Joining "Vincent and the Doctor" Rewatch

Showrunner Steven Moffat joined the event and even wrote a new introductory video featuring Dan Starkey as the Sontaran Strax.The event proved so successful that a second global re-watch event was announced “Rose”, the first episode of the new show from 2005 drew showrunner Russell T Davies, who also wrote both a prequel and a[...]


"Doctor Who": Russell T. Davies to Livetweet This Week's "Rose" Rewatch

It featured actor Dan Starkey reprising the role of Sontaran Strax from the Paternoster gang Neve MacIntosh, who played Madame Vastra, also contributed a voice cameo.Moffat reactivated his Twitter account to provide a running commentary as he watched His retelling of the writing and production process provide a lot of insights into how the show[...]

“The Diaries of River Song Series 06” is Fan Service at its Purest [Review]

"The Diary of River Song: Series Six": Fan Service at Its Purest [SPOILER REVIEW]

Dan Starkey gets to play another surly Sontaran here because they’re all clones, after all.River gets to meet the Third Doctor After all, what fan fiction would be complete without a cameo from the Third Doctor? “The Talents of Greel” by Paul Morris This takes place before the Fourth Doctor and Leela adventure “The Talons of Weng Chiang.” River[...]

Commander Strax Assesses All Of The Doctors, Confuses The Count Somewhat

This is actually all about watching Dan Starkey do his stuff  as the universe's funniest angry space potato.[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LBqIC_uCRks[/youtube]The Time of the Doctor is coming Not even a week now. Seems like they're sticking with the old numbering even while numbering a list that doesn't follow that logic[...]