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Nintendo Revealed Their Best Selling Indie Games on Nintendo Switch
Dead Cells 6 Enter the Gungeon 7 Graceful Explosion Machine 8 Celeste 9 Golf Story 10 Overcooked Some of the more interesting items of note are the fact that Undertale, as popular as it is, isn't sitting in the top three, as well as Celeste receiving all the praise it did only at number nine It's nice to see the mix[...]
Dead Cells "Pimp My Run" Update is Live on Consoles
In case you don't want to read through the incredibly dense patch notes for Dead Cells' new update, here are the basics The update brings a stable 60FPS mode to the Switch, adjusts item drops, skills, and even mutations. The update, titled "Pimp My Run," has been available on PC for a while now, but has finally[...]
Shadow of the Tomb Raider E3 2018-1
Some stories are great because their protagonists are empty spaces for us to fill ourselves into, or because of a strong ensemble cast. No matter how the story gets told, the story is the part of a game that sticks with us. The nominees for Best Story in a Video Game are: Dead Cells Red Dead Redemption 2 Shadow of[...]
Dead Cells is Probably Not Going to Get a Sequel
If you enjoyed Dead Cells, you should probably enjoy everything about it you can, because there probably won't be a sequel made for the game Game Informer has a brand new interview up with Sébastien Bénard, who served as a game designer at Motion Twin during the making of the game, talking about the development[...]
IGN Reviewer Accused of Plagiarism by YouTube Game Reviewer [Updated]
Boomstick Gaming, which has over 17k subscribers on the platform, released a video this week (which you can watch below) comparing a review they had uploaded of the game Dead Cells to one posted by IGN Nintendo reviewer Filip Miucin. In the video, BG shows off his review on the right, followed by the official IGN review on[...]
Check Out the Latest Video Game Releases for August 7-13, 2018
Check out our complete list of releases below, choose your video games wisely, and as always: have fun! credit//Team17 August 7th Dead Cells (PC, PS4, Switch, XB1) Defenders of Ekron – The Definitive Edition (PS4, XB1) Electronauts [VR] (PS4) Flipping Death (PC, PS4, XB1) Hyper Universe (XB1) In Between (Switch) Madden NFL 19 – Hall of Fame Edition (PS4, XB1) Overcooked 2 (PC, PS4, Switch,[...]
Dead Cells Just Got The Last Update Until Launch
Motion Twin has been hard at work perfecting their platformer Dead Cells, in which you play as an adventurer who is constantly dungeon diving and dying and being reborn into new situations, so the whole adventure can start over again The devs just released a brand new vlog for you to check out below, which includes[...]
Getting All Metroidvania With 'Dead Cells' In Early Access
Dead Cells just came out today on Early Access for Steam, and while we normally don't review a lot of titles before they come out, we decided to stroll through this one because it gave us great memories of Metroid and Castlevania Plus, Motion Twin did a cool job making the game so why not[...]