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Dead Cells New Free Update "Break The Bank" Is Officially Live
Motion Twin and Evil Empire have released a new free update into Dead Cells as you're now taking on a heist job in Break The Bank This one isn't as serious as previous updates or DLC, but it's still going to be a challenge as they challenge you to break into a new optional and[...]
Dead Cells: The Queen & The Sea DLC Is Coming In Early 2022
Motion Twin has released a new trailer for Dead Cells' latest DLC content as the DLC itself is available right now The Queen & The Sea has officially been released, and with it comes one of the more comprehensive stories to be released for the game since its inception Aside from bringing about a conclusion[...]
Dead Cells: The Queen & The Sea DLC Is Coming In Early 2022
Motion Twin revealed their next DLC content coming to Dead Cells as we're getting The Queen & The Sea sometime in early 2022 Hot off the Everyone's Here DLC, this one looks to present a much greater and darker challenge for you as you'll get two new biomes with a twist One of which won't[...]
Dead Cells” Gets “Curse of the Dead Gods
Motion Twin and Evil Empire released a new update for Dead Cells today as players can now experience when Everyone Is Here This content is giving you a little crossover action as several heroes from different games are making their presence known to help you out Specifically in the form of their various weapons, which[...]
Motion Twin Releases The Legacy Update For "Dead Cells"
Motion Twin and Evil Empire released a new update today for Dead Cells designed to help you get better and avoid breaking a controller Being called "Practice Makes Perfect", or Update 25 to be technical, the patch adds in a number of new options where you can train to be a better player without putting[...]
Curse Of The Dead Gods & Dead Cells Will Have A Crossover Event
A new collaboration event is on the way as Curse Of The Dead Gods will be getting new content tied to Dead Cells Focus Home Interactive and Passtech Games have partnered up with both Motion Twin and Evil Empire for the even which will be called "Curse of the Dead Cells," and will kick off[...]
Dead Cells Celebrates Five Million Units Sold With Mobile DLC
Motion Twin and Evil Empire are celebrating a milestone for Dead Cells today as the game has surpassed five million units sold Probably one of the greatest indie game success stories of the past ten years, Dead Cells has become a phenomenon for players looking for a challenge out of the average roguelike title This[...]
Dead Cells DLC "Fatal Falls" Receives A Release Date
Motion Twin revealed a brand new trailer for the upcoming Dead Cells DLC, Fatal Falls, along with a proper release date The company revealed the DLC will be released on January 26th for a mere $5, giving players a whole new set of content to explore and challenges to overcome All while dying multiple times[...]
Motion Twin Releases The Legacy Update For "Dead Cells"
Motion Twin surprised fans by adding a brand new update into Dead Cells to close out 2020, but only on PC for now with consoles in January This patch has everything you could want to make things interesting, including a color scaling rework, a malaise rework, a new set of mutations, a new mob to[...]
Motion Twin Releases The Legacy Update For "Dead Cells"
Motion Twin surprised people over the weekend by revealing that there's a new update coming to Dead Cells next month The last major update we've seen for the game came back in August, and once it took place the developers kind of went quiet for a bit For those of us who have enjoyed the[...]
Dead Cells Receives The New Barrels O’ Fun Update
Motion Twin and Evil Empire have loaded up a brand new update to Dead Cells this week with Barrels O' Fun As if you didn't have enough challenges ahead of you in previous levels, now you get to deal with everyone's favorite obstacle in gaming: exploding barrels Why do they explode? Who makes these things?[...]
Dead Cells Is Getting A Prisoner's Update & Physical Versions
Motion Twin and Signature Edition Games have revealed the full details to the Prisoner's Edition coming out for Dead Cells The company has revealed more details about both the PS4 and Nintendo Switch versions, which you can currently pre-order Now each version of the game will not come with a code for the Bad Seed[...]
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Motion Twin revealed that they have a special edition of Dead Cells coming out as players can soon purchase the Prisoner's Edition The new edition will be released on June 30th, 2020 with pre-orders available now through Signature Edition Games for PS4 and Nintendo Switch, going for about $110 apiece The entire set comes with[...]
Motion Twin Releases The Legacy Update For "Dead Cells"
Motion Twin has given Dead Cells fans one of the best Christmas presents they could as they have released the Legacy Update for the game The developers released details on their Steam page, as the update basically unlocks every incarnation of the game From Early Access all the way to where it is today All[...]
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