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Fourteen Thoughts About Villain's Month – Week Three – Eclipso, Dial E, H'el, Lex Luthor, Arcane, Clayface, Ra's Al Ghul, Cheetah, Penguin, Scarecrow, Deathstroke, Shadow Thief, The Rogues And Black Hand
Okay, now this is my favourite Villlain's Month title of the week. Forever Evil Relevance: 0 It's hard not to want to read the life of Dan DiDio into the Eclipso comic he wrote. Especially how he might see his relationship with Comic Book Resources… Forever Evil Relevance: 0 But enough of such nonsense, we also get to see Jeff[...]
This Is What It Looks Like When Brendan McCarthy Draws The New 52
It launched with Boy Chimney and I loved it. It came to its end, but Villain's Month has given us the chance of an epilogue, with today's Dial E Now it has nothing whatsoever to do with Forever Evil, but it does have a different artist on every page, and single handedly employs more female comics[...]