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But all was not lost, as it gave Stanchfield a chance to channel her inner Dodge (Laysla De Oliveira)- though if we're being honest? We can't help thinking, "badass 'Matrix' look"- what do you think? Image: Screencap During an interview from last year, co-showrunner Meredith Averill (with Carlton Cuse) detailed what she would change (and keep) if[...]
locke & key
But we also felt kinda bad because it really felt like Stanchfield was a one-person on-set marketing machine- but now we are proud to say that we're adding Laysla De Oliveira aka demonic entity Dodge to our rotation. Image: Netflix First up, a look at the show's "smiley villain" outside her trailer- followed by a look at how[...]
locke & key
His vulnerability makes him an easy target for Dodge's manipulation. Laysla De Oliveira's Dodge is a beautiful, unpredictable and sinister demon in human form that torments the Locke family. Kevin Alves' Javi is the colorful life of the party who doesn't take life too seriously – doing his best to try to persuade new friend Tyler Locke[...]
'Locke & Key': Happy Together's Felix Mallard Joins Netflix Series Adapt
She's much more comfortable as an artist and house renovator. Petrice Jones' (Step Up: High Water) Scot is a massive horror movie nerd and ringleader of the "Savini Squad" – a group of teen misfits named for famed special effects artist Tom Savini – who becomes Kinsey Locke's first friend at the Academy. Laysla De Oliveira's Dodge is a[...]
Justin Timberlake's comparably tame Super Bowl halftime show, Chrysler's questionable decision to use MLK in an ad, what the Game of Thrones creators' new Star Wars project could mean for HBO's Confederate, and more from the realm of TV this week!
The Dodge Demon Drag Race Challenge At The New York Auto Show
Dodge has been doing these drag race challenges for a few rounds of autoshows now, but the Demon Challenge that they're towing around this year is a bit stupid You've got two cars that function as the game's controls, so it's arguable the closest to actual racing we're likely to get And it features the new[...]