The Dodge Demon Drag Race Challenge At The New York Auto Show


Dodge has been doing these drag race challenges for a few rounds of autoshows now, but the Demon Challenge that they're towing around this year is a bit stupid. You've got two cars that function as the game's controls, so it's arguable the closest to actual racing we're likely to get. And it features the new 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon which boasts an absurd 840 Horsepower. If you don't speak car, I'm not sure what you're doing reading this, but that is absurd. It's an insane amount of torque for any vehicle, and it makes the Challenger SRT Demon unable to actually participate in NHRA races. Well, sort of.


So doing a drag race challenge in the Demon was a mist for a number of car fans. I wasn't able to do this on my initial trip, and went back to the New York International Auto Show to test it out. And it is stupid fun.

The cars are set up with hydraulics to shake, buck, and and react like real cars as you go through the launch and race. They've also got real acoustics working to give you that awesome engine growl.

The launch controls were simple, though I did manage to mess it up on the first try. After that, my second and third runs were absurd. Finishing a drag race in under 2 seconds? Totally worth waiting in line for a half hour. And almost every other driver agreed.

Those not used to controlling a manual paddle shifter may have some trouble figuring out when to shift, since you don't really want to redline the car before shifting gears and you mostly shift by feel and sound, but I'm no stranger to that system.

In essence, using an actual car as a controller for an arcade-style race is ideal. You get the actual feel of being in a car, the sounds, and the ractivity of a real vehicle. Thats something that eludes most racing sims. It's also a fantastic way to sell a car. The only thing missing is the wind whipping around you.

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