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Alan Moore's Dodgem Logic Gets An Italian Job
It has been noted that if you meet Alan Moore in Northampton, he is more than likely to take you to an Italian restaurant of his favour. Well, maybe they might be interested in stocking this publication. The Best Of Dodgem Logic collects a number of articles, features and comics from the much loved Alan Moore-created magazine,[...]
Alan Moore's Big New Multi-Media Thing
"Blah blah blah, I hate films, blah blah, you know, it's tiresome" – Alan Moore. At the Dodgem Logic show last night, Alan was asked if he had any interest in writing a computer game – and if so could the questioner's company make it. Alan gave a very guarded answer that outlined what seemed to be[...]
Alan Moore's Dodgem Logic – The Live Show
Well, now Alan Moore's magazine next trick is to jump off the pages and into performance. On May 2nd, as part of the London Word Festival, Alan Moore comperes a Dodgem Logic 2011 evening with artists Steve Aylett, Savage Pencil, Melinda Gebbie and Kevin O'Neill talking about their comic work, with Robin Ince bringing his standup[...]
Kevin O'Neill's Christmas Cover To Alan Moore's Dodgem Logic #7
The upcoming issue of Alan Moore's Dodgem Logic is a Christmas special, nay a Christmas Annual, with Beano-style lettering to boot And Kevin O'Neill gives us a Santa with the letters slightly rearranged for the cover Ho ho ho. The magazine will also begin Harry Hill writer David Quantick and underground cartoonist Edwin Pouncey, a.k.a[...]
New Alan Moore Movie In Production
And especially then stating that they have his permission. Anyway, the new issue of Alan Moore's Dodgem Logic (number crunching on its way, stat fans) mentions that Moore has written his first original screenplay, to be filmed by his Unearthing collaborator Mitch Jenkins. It's based on the burlesque issue of Dodgem Logic, issue 2, and seems to[...]