Doug Jung

I've Just Read The Script For The Pilot of Scalped And It's A Little Empty

Guéra, Lee Loughridge, and Phil Balsam, is one of the finest examples of the medium, a modern noir, a Rez Noir.Doug Jung (Banshee) has written a script that just seems to tell a few events that happen without really delving in to personal motivations or any feedback on the actions that the cast of characters are taking[...]

Scalped Pilot Ordered By WGN America

Anchored by FBI agent Dashiell Bad Horse, the book took a look at organized crime, poverty, drug addiction and alcoholism, and the local politics of the community.Banshee vet Doug Jung wrote the script and will serve as executive producer DC Entertainment Chief Creative Office Geoff Johns will also be an executive producer The project, should it[...]

Simon Pegg To Co-Write Next Star Trek Film

Justin Lin (Fast And The Furious) was brought on to direct and now word is that Simon Pegg is being asked to co-write the script with Dark Blue creator Doug Jung.Pegg's previous writing credits include the Edgar Wright directed Cornetto Trilogy (Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz and The World's End) Pegg will also reprise[...]