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A New Uncle Scrooge #1 From IDW For 2021?
Except it seems that IDW hasn't actually announced such a comic book, and it's not in their March 2021 solicitations. A New Uncle Scrooge #1 From IDW For 2021? The cover credits seem to suggest that it will be written by Kate Leth, drawn by Drew Rausch and lettered by Travis Lanham, best known for their work[...]
Bring A Flashlight And Pre-Order Drew Rausch's My Blacks Don't Match TP
Awesome creator Drew Rausch urges us to bring a flashlight as his webcomic My Blacks Don't Match becomes available in trade-paperback form Written by Jocelyn Gajeway, with art by Drew Rausch, this web comic has been enjoyed by fans for 100 pages The webcomic, which releases new pages every Wednesday is one of the more[...]
Did You Meet Puppet Drew At WonderCon?
WonderCon 2016 is coming to an end, but have you met Puppet Drew yet? Puppet clone to fantastic artist Drew Rausch, Puppet Drew made his first appearance yesterday. Puppet Drew's first convention Table sitting at @essrose booth for FUN! #WonderCon2016 pic.twitter.com/AccddZaWWS — Drew Rausch (@Drew_Rausch) March 26, 2016 I think this is such a great idea, and I applaud[...]
Batman Takes A $.25 Break…
Artist, Drew Rausch, who rocked my world with his work on Edward Scissorhands shared a particularly special sketch of the Dark Knight. This guy wanted "Batman on a Gargoyle" We make dreams come true at Sac Con! pic.twitter.com/y8lqZKm63J — Drew Rausch (@Drew_Rausch) March 13, 2016 Now that's a Batman I'd like to see in full comic book form[...]
Drew Rausch Has A Webcomic And You Don't Want To Miss It
I first discovered artist Drew Rausch when I started reading IDW's Edward Scissorhands comic I was immediately drawn in by his ability to capture a Tim Burton-esque style, while incorporating his own unique spin Now that the Edward Scissorhands comic is over and behind us, I still follow Rausch on social media. I'm not sure how the news skipped me, but[...]
Confirmation Of No More Edward Scissorhands From IDW
The series was written by the marvelous Kate Leth, with art by Drew Rausch who nailed the Tim Burton-esque style you would expect in an Edward Scissorhands book. I searched the internet for some news, and saw that there were no new issues scheduled to release I hoped it was one of those hiatus cases, where the creative team was[...]
A Terrifying New Level Of Intensity In Edward Scissorhands #9
Wells continues in the new issue of Edward Scissorhands! From IDW Publishing, written by Kate Leth, with art by Drew Rausch, Edward Scissorhands #9, continues to ask the question, "who is Edward without his scissors?" I have to say that the moment I saw Drew Rausch's cover for this issue I was filled with panic[...]
The Geek Shopping Ninja Strikes: Tim Burton Inspired!
Written by Kate Leth, and Drew Rausch, the story takes place years after the movie and follows Kim's granddaughter's interactions with Edward The comic captures all of the things you love about the movie and adds many more exciting things to fall in love with The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy & Other Stories from[...]
A Candy Filled Road Trip And A New Possibility In Edward Scissorhands #8
Edward Scissorhands continues with Whole Again: Part 3! From IDW Publishing, written by Kate Leth, with art by Drew Rausch, Edward Scissorhands #8 picks up with a road trip to Dr Wells studio Now that all of Edward's friends have successful campaigned for him to get on her show, they all head out to the[...]
A New Beginning For Edward Scissorhands In # 6
From IDW Publishing, written by Kate Leth, with art by Drew Rausch, Edward Scissorhands #6, is the start of a new beginning for Edward With the title, "Whole Again: Part 1," I felt quite positive as I flipped to the first page of the issue The town interacts with Edward in an open, friendly, and[...]
Edward Scissorhands #5 Is Set For A Bright Future
From IDW Publishing, written by Kate Leth, with art by Drew Rausch, Edward Scissorhands #5 is a heart-pounding action packed issue With Eli having kidnapped a young boy named Philip, the town assumes that the culprit is Edward This issue focuses on Megs mission to show the town that Eli is the one responsible for[...]
Edward Scissorhands #4 Is Endearing And Captivating
Edward Scissorhands #4 from IDW Publishing, written by Kate Leth, with art by Drew Rausch continues the heartfelt epic story between Megs, Edward, and the mischievous Eli After a boy goes missing, Megs takes things into her own hands to find out what really happened Already having formed a strong bond with Edward, she turns[...]