Confirmation Of No More Edward Scissorhands From IDW

Maybe it's because I loved it so much. It wouldn't be unlike me to allow sad news to breeze by, and pretend it doesn't exist. I'm talking about IDW's Edward Scissorhands, and I'm talking about how it's O V E R. The series was written by the marvelous Kate Leth, with art by Drew Rausch who nailed the Tim Burton-esque style you would expect in an Edward Scissorhands book.

I searched the internet for some news, and saw that there were no new issues scheduled to release. I hoped it was one of those hiatus cases, where the creative team was busy working on other stuff and would return gloriously with a new story ARC.

I decided to reach out to the wonderfully talented writer Kate Leth on Twitter today, and here's what happened:

Oh Kate, you're so welcome. I absolutely adored the Edward Scissorhands comics, and if you have yet to read them don't wait another minute. Grab your copies of Edward Scissorhands, Vol. 1: Parts Unknown and Edward Scissorhands, Vol 2: Whole Againand enjoy the wonderful series.

Edward Scissorhands #1

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