A Terrifying New Level Of Intensity In Edward Scissorhands #9

STK674395The madness with Dr. Wells continues in the new issue of Edward Scissorhands! From IDW Publishing, written by Kate Leth, with art by Drew Rausch, Edward Scissorhands #9, continues to ask the question, "who is Edward without his scissors?" I have to say that the moment I saw Drew Rausch's cover for this issue I was filled with panic. To see Edward without his normal awesome scissorhands made me incredibly anxious to read the issue. However, you can't always judge a comic by it's cover, right? Things are in full swing with Dr. Wells as she is ready to bring Edward on her show. While Megs tries to support him being a guest on the show, she can't help but defend his honor. Although her intentions were good, that only turns the attention to her and Dr. Wells takes things to a whole new level.

If you thought the issues leading up to this one were good, you are in for a real treat this month. Kate Leth is pulling out all the stops throwing in a lot of surprises and pumping up the intensity. Without spoiling the events that take place, I just want to say how terrifying Dr. Wells is. When I first encountered her character a few issues back I was intimidated, but had no idea that her true colors would be so scary. None the less, it makes for a really great issue. Prepare yourself for an epic cliffhanger that will make you want to knock on Leth's door so she can tell you what happens next. As always, I'll take a moment to applaud Rausch's perfect Edward art style. Bravo! Don't miss out on Edward Scissorhands #9!

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