Two Worlds Collide In Edward Scissorhands #3 – And Has Tim Burton Read This Yet?

IMG_8470I grow to love this comic more and more with every new issue, so you can imagine how much I was looking forward to reading Edward Scissorhands #3 from IDW Publishing, written by Kate Leth, with art by Drew Rausch. As the freezing cold wind blew outside my window, I curled up with a cup of hot chocolate and excitedly stared at the first page with wide eyes. Edward and Megs' first meeting continues at the beginning of this issue. For those of you that read issue #2, you'll remember the cliffhanger at the end where they first see each other.

I probably sound like a broken record, but it's hard to find anything not to like. The creative team really knows what they're doing with this book. The plot is moving along nicely, and having Eli's dysfunctional character as a counterpart to Edward's sweet nature keeps things interesting. Now that Megs and Edward have met and are communicating about Eli's whereabouts, things are heating up. Although Meg is cautious around Edward, it seems like they are going to make a good team. My fingers are crossed that Edward will make his way back into society and that somehow things will work out a little better for him this time around. Certain events transpire at the end of the issue that are a bit dark and cryptic, so it will be interesting to see how everything plays out.

I don't know if it's because I'm such a huge fan of the movie (and Johnny Depp,) but the way Leth writes Edward's dialogue is spot on in my head. I can almost hear his sweet innocent voice as I read. Rausch's art has that dark eccentric feel that a lot of Tim Burton's work has, which I am obviously a fan of. I can't help but wonder if someone has handed an issue to Tim Burton. Can we make that happen if it hasn't happened already? He needs to see it. I think it would make him smile.

If you haven't picked up any issues of Edward Scissorhands yet, you should! Go to your local comic book store and binge read the first three issues. You won't be sorry.

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