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Dynamite To Accept Bitcoin For Digital Comic Sales Plus 25 Books For $10
Scott Campbell Jim Butcher's Dresden War Cry #1 – by Jim Butcher and Mark Powers Pathfinder: Dark Waters #1 – by Jim Zub Miss Fury #1 – 2 – by Rob Williams American Flagg #1- 2 – by Howard Chaykin Vampirella #1– by Eric Trautmann For more on Dynamite 25 books for $10 bundle, and the latest DRM-Free offers from Dynamite[...]
Dynamite Introduces Digital Discount Bundles
To go along with their recently launched digital website and their DRM-Free digital books, Dynamite is introducing discount bundles for their digital comics This will allow fans to try out new books at a much cheaper price and maybe find some gems they hadn't expected. To kick it off, they are offering a Five-Book Five Star[...]
What Is The Demand For DRM-Free Comics? One Example Bob's Burgers
And Last week Dynamite announced their DRM-Free digital site with a 10 books at $.10 each sale… and I even went through and downloaded a book and reviewed the whole process. But I was curious just how important it was for readers to be able to get DRM-Free comics How many people who read digital comics would[...]
Downloading a DRM-Free Digital Comic From Dynamite
I thought I would try out downloading one of the DRM-Free digital comic books so I headed over to Dynamite Digital and scan through their 10 cent books I realized that I had most of them and decided upon a $1.99 book instead… American Flagg #1. The first thing I had to do is register as a[...]
Dynamite Launches Its DRM-Free Digital Comic Program
Dynamite Entertainment is debuting its digital comic program featuring DRM-free comics Launching initially with comics available in PDF file format, the initiative makes a selection of its most popular and celebrated titles ready for download today directly by consumers The sale of DRM-free digital comics can be found at their company website's dedicated digital sales[...]
Top Shelf To Offer DRM-Free Graphic Novels
In an email sent out by Chris Staros, Top Shelf Productions is going to be offering up a line of graphic novels DRM-Free on their website If you are not familiar with the term DRM-Free, it means you can buy it and play it on just about any device It's offered in PDF, ePub or[...]