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Jade Raymond, Founder of EA Motive, Has Left the Company
News has broken this morning that EA Motive founder Jane Raymond has departed the company, signaling a change in management The news came from Game Informer this morning, who noted her departure and that Samantha Ryan would be taking her position, but it's unclear if that is a permanent fixture or a temporary move[...]
star wars battlefront 2
credit//EA EA has again responded to the concerns of Battlefront II beta testers who were worried about the game's microtransactions. While you may have been pumped for Star Wars Battlefront II as it's a rather ambitious project trying to encapsulate several generations of Star Wars into one game, concerns about its micro-transaction systems have soured much of the[...]
EA microtransactions battlefront II
The upcoming Star Wars: Battlefront II single player campaign was written by Walt Williams, known for his work on Spec Ops: The Line, and Mitch Dyer, current EA Motive employee and former IGN reporter. The story will begin as a book by Christie Golden that is out this summer, as it follows protagonist Iden Versio and her team who[...]