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Wonder Woman 1984 to Hit Theaters and HBO Max on December 25th
First Born can be as devastating and brutal as General Zod was in Man of Steel (2013), using his brute strength to reign terror on earth when he was a threat to the Gods of Olympus Circe is one of Wonder Woman's biggest villains, using her magic to wreak havoc, for starters, turning humans into[...]
31 Thoughts About 31 Comics – Avengers Undercover, Secret Avengers, Returning, Rust, First Born, Wraith, All New X-Men, Bee & Puppy Cat, Batman Eternal, Uber, Royals Masters Of War, Deadly Hands Of Kung Fu, Batgirl, JLU, TMNT, Deceivers, Lumberjanes, Next Testament, Sons Of Anarchy, Judge Dredd, Miss Fury, Transformers, Star Trek, GI Joe, Ash And The Army Of Darkness, Tales From The Con, Shutter, Minimum Wage, Starlight, Shadow, Think Tank
Still, it's good to give our young ones a lesson or two in life's hard realities. First Born #1 from Sam Keith helps with that. As does Wraith #6 No nightmares tonight everyone? Do note the Cyclops Was Right poster in Charles Xavier Jr's bedroom in All New X-Men… There are worse ways to wake up though. From Bee &[...]
Sam Kieth Gets His Sci-Fi On With Mars Attacks: First Born
Mars Attacks: First Born is a four-issue series written by Ryall, drawn by Kieth and co-plotted by both It focuses on the after effects of the martian invasion and of a infant martian left behind Was this an accident or some nefarious plan? And what is this about giant bugs? "This series is a multi-tiered love[...]
Yes, Retailers, You Can Still Buy Some DC 3D Villains Month First Prints…
Each linked to a recent eBay sale for the respective comic… Doomsday Metallo Parasite Killer Croc Sinestro First Born Ocean Master Secret Society Although there's only 25 Doomsdays at the last count Hurry up folk, it's your last chance! The 3D Villains Month covers may have been horrifically allocated But it looks as if, somehow, a few are still available through Diamond Comic[...]