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So what have you been reading this week?


Todd The Ugliest Kid On Earth begins its new successful nature as an ongoing Image series by burning whatever bridges the creators want…

IMG_0038Well, the crossover Avengers #20 is part of is called Infinity. I suppose there was going to have to be some mathematics in it at some point.

IMG_0035 DON'T get Bane to mind your kids. In case you were planning to. Anyway, they always get you into trouble. Even the cute small blonde ones.


Okay, according to Revival, maybe not all of them.


Avengers Assemble should be renamed Avengers Philosophise. Seriously, just do it. Assemble just means standing around doing nothing. At least Philosophising means you're thinking…


Infinity: The Heist seems to have looked at Superior Foes Of Spider-Man and thought "hey, I could do that!" And they have, and very well too, I might add!

fataleBut they are not the only ones with crime on their mind, such as Fatale. Funny how that spills over into sex so easily. Someone should write a comic about that. And publish it this week.


I think all scientists should have some kind of flowchart just to check their mental processes. "Have I already seen what I'd doing have negative effects on someone else?"  "Can what I am thinking be described as hubris? Yes Or No" "Are my thought captions all raggedy?"

IMG_0022What is it with gods having sex with animals? And birthing half animal-humanoid hybrids? Is that speciesist of me to insist that gods, like First-Born, keep to their own kind? Or, you know, just keep it to themselves?


Yeah, the lead from Matt Fraction and Chip Zdarsky's Sex Criminals knows what I'm talking about. Anyone else get turned on by a little H2O in the right place?

IMG_0021Ocean Master. Who won't be master of his own domain for much longer, it seems.

IMG_0018 But not the Joker of Earth Three in The Secret Society. No water treatment necessary for him, he seems to be able to spurt on command.

east of west

East Of West has the hands for it, and lots of "holding the sword" and "the flower". We know where we're at with that.

Miss Fury 6 (preview panel)

Miss Fury wants them to do what to themselves?

IMG_0019 General Lane shows that his match making skills for his own daughter may be slightly lacking in retrospect, regarding Metallo. Also, get that Steve Pugh linework…


But many Parasite could have done with a hand? Certainly women seem to be getting one over the men a little more this week.


"I Was Groot!" Shame he lost his head over her.


Looks like The Darkness in Artifacts just can't get into a relationship either these days. Shame, I remember when he was a player..

rat queens

Which doesn't seem to be a problem for the Rat Queens.


But is saying "the opposite of war is creation" really a spoiler for Saga? And doesn't that bring us back to Sex Criminals? Or Avengers Philosophise?


I've been surviving on meta for the six years, she knows not of what she speaks, the Mother in Young Avengers… okay, so where can I find an absence of meta than?

Red Team 5 (preview panel)Garth Ennis' Red 5. It's like I was never away… Okay Jupiter's Legacy, break it down for me.


Be about $120, won't it?

Comics courtesy of Orbital Comics, London. Who, in a week's time, will be exhibiting the work of Esad Ribic.


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