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Do you want to brush up your knowledge of Flutter, the comic by Jennie Wood, Jeff McComsey, and Chris Goodwin once named the 12th best indie comic by Bleeding Cool, before its TV adaptation comes out so you can impress all your non-comics-reading friends with your hip comics knowledge, but don't feel like purchasing two separate volumes to read?[...]
Indie Spotlight On Serving Supes, Chroma, Flutter And Dead Man's Party
By Shawn Perry, the return of Indie Spotlight featuring coverage of Serving Supes, Chroma, Dead Man's Party and Flutter Volume Two… Serving Supes by Steve Stern, Matt Yuan and John Yuan is a buddy comedy following the misadventures of Cheech and Clive O'Huang as they attempt to earn their living by, as promised, serving court summons[...]
Spotlight On Indie Comics: The 15 Best Of 2014 Edition
Flutter by Jennie Wood might just be the most unique story I have encountered in the past year regardless of medium and I saw Dallas Buyers Club and Blue is the Warmest Color Maybe it's just that I have nothing I can compare it to in my personal lexicon but it's definitely unique In short-form[...]