Frontier Development

Elite Dangerous's Next Update Scheduled for 2020

Elite Dangerous developer Frontier is now estimating that the game's next major milestone update won't hit until late 2020. Elite Dangerous has only received two major updates since launching in 2014, though both of those updates were pretty darn impressive. The first expansion, Horizons, introduced planetary landing, multi-crew co-op, and the ability to launch fighters from […]

Jurassic World Evolution logo

Jurassic World Evolution Covers Working with the Dinosaurs in Latest Video

Frontier Development's latest developer diary video for Jurassic World Evolution wants to show you what it's like to work with the dinosaurs that you create, raise, train, and hopefully, don't die from in the game. We have the full video description to go along with it as they basically show you that you can't run a […]

Atari Takes RollerCoaster Tycoon 3 Off Steam After Lawsuit

Atari has taken RollerCoaster Tycoon 3 off of Steam after developer Frontier Developments filed a lawsuit over unpaid royalties from the game. TMZ broke the lawsuit news last week, including a basic overview of the suit. From TMZ: Frontier Development claims it's been working with Atari since 2003 when it struck a deal to develop the […]