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George A. Romero, Creator Of The Living Dead Films Dead At 77
The Los Angeles Times is reporting that the  family of George Romero, creator of the modern-era zombie and horror film genre, has told him that the filmmaker has died at the age of 77 He passed following a brief but aggressive battle with lung cancer, according to a statement given to the Times by is[...]
More DC Comics From George Romero, Stjepan Sejic And More
I just don't know what. We also namedropped Igor Lima, Daniel H Wilson, Javier Garron, Jedd Dougherty and Jim Califiore so it was looking a bit Earth 2-y. Well, we've just been given a bunch of new names to look for in August from DC as well. George Romero, Stjepan Sejic, Brent Schoonover, John Timms and Jack Herbert. This could be anything[...]
George Romero Rewrites Night Of The Living Dead In His New Marvel Comic
Night If The Living Dead, the first zombie movie, was made in 1968 by George Romero It made his career. Forty-five years later, he has written Empire Of The Dead, out from Marvel today But in doing so he has gone back in time and rewritten the script of Night Of The Living Dead, as recounted[...]
Talking Horror With Steve Niles
Why else would I punish myself like this? J AN: What's your favorite George Romero movie (the correct answer is  Martin), and why? SN: Night of the Living Dead Sorry to disappoint you but that film is too huge and its impact too big to not list as his best That was one of  the movies that inspired[...]
Are The Zombies In The Walking Dead… Changing?
The George Romero model, rising from the dead after rigor mortis has set in, stumbling, jerking, slow, unyielding creatires And in The Walking Dead, they are a given, people can work around them, thy are a force of nature that can be worked with as well as fought against. But, for one, a small thing has[...]