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George A. Romero and the Invention of the Zombie as We Know It
However, his widow Suzanne Desorcher-Romero chose author and screenwriter Daniel Kraus to finish the book. "The Living Dead" by George Romero and Daniel Kraus, book cover from Tor Books This book is a significant event in Horror and pop culture since Romero is the inventor of the zombie genre as we know it today The Living Dead[...]
Creepshow: Resurrected | Behind the Scenes
In a statement released by Shudder general manager Craig Engler, moving ahead on scripts gives Nicotero and the team time to "get as far ahead" as they can before production resumes: "Although season 2 is on pause while we wait until it's safe to go into production, we wanted to use the time to start work[...]
Creepshow: Resurrected | Behind the Scenes
I was really proud of that, that everybody wanted to come back." Creepshow lol (Image: shudder) For Nicotero, the experience he gained from the first season is allowing him to keep carrying the torch of the George Romero legacy while also giving the series more of his own creative footprint: "I'll be honest; I felt the weight[...]
Dawn Of The Dead 4k Blu-ray Details Released By Second Sight
Dawn of the Dead, the 1978 classic version directed by the late George Romero, is getting a 4K Blu-ray release on October 26th Both a 4K version and a regular Blu-ray will be available Both are crazy loaded with special features And when we say loaded, we mean exhaustive These are the most definitive versions[...]
Author STEPHEN KING at the Los Angeles premiere of The Manchurian Candidate. July 22, 2004
The original 1993 film starred Timothy Hutton and was directed by George Romero In the story, a writer's pseudonym comes to life after his pen name is found out and he and his wife have a ceremonial burial for it The pen name comes to life and goes on a murder-spree, as one will Director[...]
tina romero
Tina Romero, daughter of horror icon George Romero, is following in her late father's footsteps and directing a zombie film of her own Queens of the Dead will tell the tale of the zombie apocalypse through the eyes of club-goers at a drag night club. Tina Romero, who is also a DJ, will be making her[...]
Thompson Series With 'Get Shorty' Holmes can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: TWSS01E11 HUNTERS ( The Walking Dead Season 8 Ratings: A Mix Of Good, Bad & Unknown can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: TWSS01E11 WALKING ( Benson Actor Robert Guillaume Passes Away At Age 89 can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: TWSSO1E11 BENSON[...]
Magic Telephones And Fear The Walking Dead At SDCC
Arbitrary boundaries, delineated by centuries of bloodshed, dissolve in the wake of the walker apocalypse.  This theme is best shown in the efforts of Walker (Michael Greyeyes) and the Nation's attempt to reclaim their ancestral lines in the midst of societal breakdown and "rebalance the scales." Executive producer Gale Anne Hurd also remarked on a thematic shift that happened close[...]
Castle of Horror: The Creature From The Black Lagoon Is A Creeper
Then we wrap things up with our endorsements, where we take a moment to suggest our favorite George Romero projects in observance of the great horror auteur's passing. Listen here: Listen on YouTube: can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON: The Summer 2017 Retrospective (Podcast/Talk/Reviews) ( Check out the trailer: can't be loaded[...]
George A. Romero, Creator Of The Living Dead Films Dead At 77
The Los Angeles Times is reporting that the  family of George Romero, creator of the modern-era zombie and horror film genre, has told him that the filmmaker has died at the age of 77 He passed following a brief but aggressive battle with lung cancer, according to a statement given to the Times by is[...]
More DC Comics From George Romero, Stjepan Sejic And More
I just don't know what. We also namedropped Igor Lima, Daniel H Wilson, Javier Garron, Jedd Dougherty and Jim Califiore so it was looking a bit Earth 2-y. Well, we've just been given a bunch of new names to look for in August from DC as well. George Romero, Stjepan Sejic, Brent Schoonover, John Timms and Jack Herbert. This could be anything[...]