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Ooh Yeah! Mattel's Fisher-Price "Little People" Line Adds WWE, The Beatles! Dig it!
While popular, not exactly the first two licenses you think of when it comes to marketing a product to kids… but if you're going after their parents?  Thanks to the fine folks at Idle Hands for the information below: Fisher-Price® The Beatles Yellow Submarine by Little People® SRP: $19.99 | 18M+ | Available Fall 2019 • Get ready to[...]
LGBT Books And Graphic Novels Targeted By Censorship
A couple of the books which are in fact children's books, I am Jazz by Jessica Herthel and Jazz Jennings and George by Alex Gino, have the 'sexually explicit' label aimed against seemingly solely because they include transgender characters. One other book that has the label levelled against it and actually does contain sexual content is[...]