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Godline Burger
Daedalic Entertainment and Liquid Pug revealed that they will officially release Godlike Burger for PC on November 2nd One of the more interesting titles we're going to get before the year ends, this is basically if Soilent Green was a fast food restaurant in space You'll be frying up some of the tastiest burgers and[...]
Godline Burger
Daedalic Entertainment is ready to give you the best "meat" in the galaxy as Godlike Burger will be coming to PC later this month Created by developer Liquid Pug, you'll be working in a fast-food joint in the middle of what is essentially a space trucker stop as you'll be serving up meals for all[...]
Run A Space Station Fast Food Place In Godlike Burger
Daedalic Entertainment and developer Liquid Pug revealed a new fast food simulator game this week with Godlike Burger The game will have you running a fast-food chain in one of the most competitive markets anywhere: outer space You'll be tasked with running the ins and outs of a diner, not quite on the edge of[...]