Great Again

American Horror Story: Cult E11 Recap: Never Again Like Kai

American Horror Story: Cult E11 Recap: "Never Again 'Like Kai'"

We’re back, but this time it's with Bleeding Cool’s final weekly recap of American Horror Story: Cult; and though the season finale "Great Again" wrapped up a number of the season's storylines, it also raised some questions about the FX series' overarching mythology and seasonal connections So my overview/recap of the episode is waiting patiently for[...]

Cult Following E11: Bleeding Cools American Horror Story LIVE-BLOG

'Cult' Following E11: Bleeding Cool's American Horror Story LIVE-BLOG!

Welcome to ‘Cult’ Following E11: American Horror Story – "Great Again," Bleeding Cool’s live-blog play-by-play of Tuesday night’s season finale of the horror franchise’s seventh season on FX.We’re going to be throwing-out a ton of thoughts, opinions and random off-topic tangents…so make sure to let us know what you think!● This page should update…but just to be on the[...]