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GOG.Com Refuse To Sell Controversial Title Hatred
Hatred has had a controversial journey since it was announced That is probably to be expected from a game that is about massacring the public, but the title has had an up and down ride since birth First the game was pulled off Steam, then it was reinstated, there have been those vehemently fighting against[...]
Controversial Title Hatred Gets Release Date And New Trailer
I've written about Hatred in the past, but despite my distaste for the title, I recognise it should be sold Even if I find the content regressive, we exist in a free market It has a a sizeable audience campaigning for the game too. And exist on the free market it will It was announced today[...]
Hatred Is Rated AO In US And Canada – May Not Be Available For Purchase
The ESRB have put an AO (adult only) rating on the controversial title Hatred which lets players go on public shooting sprees The game has had a diverse and complicated conversation surrounding it since it was first announced and this is just the latest twist in a long journey of turns Speaking on the site's[...]
Gabe Newell Reinstates Hatred Onto Steam Greenlight
I've made my feelings on Hatred pretty clear before The game focuses on killing innocent civilians in an anger fueled outburst, mimicking killing sprees that pop up from time to time in the news I think the subject matter is tasteless and controversial for the sake of controversy's sake, but I recognize its right to[...]