GOG.Com Refuse To Sell Controversial Title Hatred


Hatred has had a controversial journey since it was announced. That is probably to be expected from a game that is about massacring the public, but the title has had an up and down ride since birth. First the game was pulled off Steam, then it was reinstated, there have been those vehemently fighting against its release and those who have fought for it just as passionately.

Well, time to add another page into the game's journey. It now turns out that Gog.com, the CD Projekt subsidiary service, is going to refuse to sell the game. According to VG247, the service is refusing to house Hatred, although we don't know why. For all me know this could be a licencing issue, rather than a a political disagreement. I'd assume it's because Gog doesn't house AO rated games, but that's my own conjecture.

And I'm just going to nip this in the bud before it gets going. This is Gog's right to refuse sale for whatever reason. I've already seen this called censorship, which it isn't. Beyond that, discussing the merits of this is fair game.

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