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Wool: Tim Robbins, Rebecca Ferguson to Star in Apple TV+ SciFi Series
Tim Robbins and Rebecca Ferguson have signed to star in Apple's upcoming post-apocalyptic Science Fiction series Wool, based on Hugh Howey's trilogy of novels The series will be by writer Graham Yost, director Morten Tyldum and is produced by AMC Studios. "Wool" by Hugh Howey cover art, Simon & Schuster Wool is a set in a ruined and toxic future – aren't[...]
Hugh Howey's Wool – A Strong Premise That Gets Lost In The Execution
A good friend of mine recommended Wool by Hugh Howey I had never heard of the series and found out only recently that it had been adapted for comics by Jimmy Palmiotti, Justin Gray and Jimmy Broxton I have not read their adaptation, but I did just finish the prose collection this morning It was[...]