Wool: Tim Robbins, Rebecca Ferguson to Star in Apple TV+ SciFi Series

Tim Robbins and Rebecca Ferguson have signed to star in Apple's upcoming post-apocalyptic Science Fiction series Wool, based on Hugh Howey's trilogy of novels. The series will be by writer Graham Yost, director Morten Tyldum and is produced by AMC Studios.

Wool: Tim Robbins, Rebecca Ferguson to Star in Apple TV+ SciFi Series
"Wool" by Hugh Howey cover art, Simon & Schuster

Wool is a set in a ruined and toxic future – aren't they all? – where a community exists in a giant silo underground, hundreds of stories deep, after the world on the surface was rendered toxic and uninhabitable… or has it? There, men and women live in a society full of regulations they believe are meant to protect them, until some of them start questioning the nature of their society and what it's founded on. The first book followed the sheriff as the main character as he searches for the truth of his wife's disappearance and supposed death on the surface years before. The rest of the series will center on revealing how the world ended up living in underground silos, the truth about the silos and the political machinations and factions. Robbins will star as Bernard, the head of IT for the Silo. He joins Ferguson's Juliette, who is an an independent and hardworking engineer, and became the main characters of the books. The original book series is reminiscent of classic Science Fiction works like E.M. Foster's The Machine Stops and post-apocalyptic video game series like Fallout.

According to Deadline, Wool is executive produced by Ferguson, Yost and Tyldum, alongside author Hugh Howey. Remi Aubuchon, Nina Jack and Ingrid Escajeda will also serve as executive producers on the drama. The original book was one of the early successes of ebook self-publishing.

Apple TV+ seems to go for post-apocalyptic shows as a default whenever they greenlight Science Fiction shows, starting with See, which stars Jason Mamoa in a world reduced to warring tribes where everyone is blind. Their upcoming adaption of Isaac Asimov's classic Foundation books is a space opera post-apocalyptic saga where a galactic empire faces its impending downfall and what could come afterwards. For TV networks and movie studios, the post-apocalypse can be an easy go-to for Science Fiction pitches. Do you wonder if Apple TV+ are sending some kind of message?

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