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Separated At Birth: Ethan Van Sciver on Jawbreakers and Daryl Banks on Green Lantern
Earlier this week, longstanding Green Lantern artist and Comicsgater Ethan Van Sciver revealed his cover for fellow Comicsgater Richard Meyer's crowdfunded comic Jawbreakers: GØd-K1ng. The image of the central antagonist in Van Sciver's book in the back looked a little familiar to come, compared to work by another famed Green Lantern artist Daryl Banks, from the first[...]
No Enemy But Peace – Richard Meyer, Antarctic Press, and Jawbreakers
The project, called No Enemy But Peace seemed to go well enough, raising almost $4000 from over a hundred people. Meyer's latest crowdfunded comic project was on IndieGoGo. Jawbreakers, is a military superhero comic to be drawn by well-known comic book artist Jon Malin, with covers by  Ethan Van Sciver and colours by Brett Smith[...]