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Top 100 Power List of Comics, 2019 Edition

The Complete Bleeding Cool Top 100 Power List of Comics 2019, in Full

Being married to Boom Studios’ Executive Editor Jeanine Schaefer also given him access to a much wider group of talents than he may have encountered by himself. Lauren Faust (New Entry) Shea Fontana left a powerful mark on the DC Super-Hero Girls graphic novels But Lauren Faust came in this year and reinvented the DCSHG[...]

NYCC '15: The Biggest Attack On Titan Announcement Ever Panel Presents Western Talent Anthology

By Sofia AnnunziataThe Biggest Attack on Titan Manga Announcement Ever Panel definitely ended up living up to its name!  The panel was moderated by Ben Applegate (Director of publishing and the Editor of the Attack on Titan English editions) and included speakers Genevieve Valentine (Catwoman), Brenden Fletcher (Batgirl), Jeanine Schaefer (Assistant Editor for Marvel Comics)[...]

Jeanine Schaefer To Leave Marvel Comics For Los Angeles

His wife Jeanine Schaefer also works as a comic book editor, over at at Marvel Comics.Schaefer was recently promoted to Talent Scout, replacing CB Cebulski in the role at the publisher, to much acclaim.I understand that, as part of the decision, Schaefer will be resigning from Marvel Comics and moving to Los Angeles with her husband.She has turned down an[...]

Retailers Get To Quiz Marvel's Big Wigs At New York Comic Con

Comic book retailers are getting their own special meeting and presentation with the executives of Marvel Comics at New York Comic Con, entitled Meet Marvel Editorial.In what is basically a real life version of The Avengers, teaming up to face the onslaught of enraged retailers are Dan Buckley – President, TV, Publishing & Brand Management, David[...]

Here Comes #babywatch2k13

Jeanine Schaefer is an editor at Marvel Mark Doyle is an editor at DC Comics.They have a crossover on its way any day now. Walked a mile today, took tons of stairs, just ate a giant bowl of ramen with a fireball in it Let's do this thing #babywatch2k13— Jeanine Schaefer (@J9Schaefer) December 28, 2013Radiohead dance[...]

Marvel ECCC: The Spreadsheets That Track The Marvel Universe And Continuity Is The Devil

We previously had an interesting bit of Hawkeye news from the ECCC Pint O' CB Panel, now here's a full write-up thanks to BCer-in-the-field Dustin Hall. I find editor Jeanine Schaefer's comment about tracking Wolverine's life with charts, spreadsheets, and timelines interesting, because I think we all wonder how the big-universe publishers do that and it's[...]

Tommy Lee Edwards' Variant Cover For Spider-Men #5 For Dublin Comic Con

Guests include Tommy Lee Edwards (of course), Kelly Sue DeConnick, John Layman, Matt Fraction, Rafa Albuquerque, Jeff Parker, , Nate Cosby, Tommy Lee Edwards, Ben McCool, Lauren Sankovitch, Mark Doyle, Jeanine Schaefer, Kieron Gillen, Jaimie McKelvie and Doug Braithwaite It's a fine crowd Tickets to the show can be bought hereI've been to the[...]