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Why Absolutely Fabulous Has Been Absolutely Fabulous

A new featurette has been released for the upcoming Absolutely Fabulous feature film. The video looks at what made Ab-Fab a hit over the last twenty-four years and just why watching Patsy Stone (Joanne Lumley) and Edina Monsoon (Jennifer Saunders) acting horrible has been such a guilty pleasure. Absolutely Fabulous opens July 1st in the […]

First Clip From The New Absolutely Fabulous

This clip from one of the Christmas Absolutely Fabulouses (Fabulice?) is less than a minute long and includes both an iPad and a reference to Twitter. Do you think it will be like that all the way through? Thanks to a Little Bleeder with the codename of Bubbles for the heads up. I ran more […]

Details Of The New Absolutely Fabulous Come With Warnings

The BBC have issued their first promotional image for the new Absolutely Fabulous, and blurbs for the two episodes that will be screening over Christmas and New Year. There's a third episode already in the can, but that won't air until some time in 2012, and likely around the summer, seeing as it will be […]

Trailer For The Hunt For Tony Blair, The New "Comic Strip Presents…"

Airing this Friday on Channel 4 is The Hunt For Tony Blair, the latest, long awaited reunion for the Comic Strip crew. At least, many of them – and with a few new recruits plucked from the ranks of The Inbetweeners, Green Wing and other recent Channel 4 hits. I told you more about the […]

Absolutely Fabulous To Get Christmas, New Year And Olympic Episodes

Round at my place, we've been waiting for the new series of Absolutely Fabulous pretty keenly. Well, I say series. Turns out that they've produced not a new series at all, but three new specials to be scattered over the next year. Joanna Lumley was a guest on This Morning earlier this week, promoting her […]

The Comic Strip Return With The Hunt For Tony Blair

Channel 4 have announced the return of The Comic Strip. Originally three comedy double acts (French and Saunders, Mayall and Edmondson, Planer and Richardson) who performed in their own club under the Raymond Revue Bar in London, The Strip went on to provide some of the best loved satires of 1980s British telly. One of […]

The Return Of Absolutely Fabulous

The BBC are currently working on a final deal to bring back the Jennifer Saunders-written-and-starring sitcom Absolutely Fabulous, which also starred Joanna Lumley, Jane Horrocks, Julia Sawalha and June Whitfield, set in the London fashion world. Thy are planning to film a three episode series is planned for the summer, though Jennifer has yet to […]