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Project: Superpowers #1 cover by Francesco Mattina
Green Lama holds all the aircraft in the world with a vast magical net, and Black Terror, Masquerade, the Mighty Samson, the Scarab, work to evacuate the planes before Lama's magic gives out. Project: Superpowers #1 cover by Francesco Mattina This is my first introduction into the world of Project: Superpowers, and I've not read the original[...]
stabbity bunny
This comic comes courtesy of Jim Kreuger (Marvel:Earth X, DC: Justice) and Luigi Borillo. GHOSTS OF HIROSHIMA #2 (W) Jim Krueger (A/CA) Luigi Borillo Gabriel's quest to fulfill his mentor's last request takes him and his girlfriend onto the California Highway (Route 666), where they find that they are being followed and threatened by demons who make "Road Rage" seem like[...]
Know Your Project Superpowers – Before Warren Ellis Changes It
With the news that Warren Ellis was going to be taking on the Project Superpowers characters, I figured for those of you who want to know who made up the Dynamite series we could run both the zero and first issues of the previous series by Jim Kreuger and Alex Ross. More of the series can[...]
Four-Color Roots Part 1: The Toyetic Age (1985-1989)
The show has since inspired a different kind of devotion, most notably Alex Ross and Jim Kreuger's 2005-2007 Justice comics series, which attempted a kind of epic-scale retelling of a match-up for the ages, done in Ross' love-it-or-hate-it glowing chiaroscuro style, suitable itself for a toyetic franchise of DC Direct collector action figures, and T-shirts[...]