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Hard Sun: Luther's Neil Cross Sets Apocalyptic Drama at Hulu, BBC One

Is there a point to enforcing the law in the face of certain destruction? With the end of the world looming, how far would you go to make things right? Those are just some of the themes to be tackled by Neil Cross' (Luther) Hard Sun, a six-part "pre-apocalyptic" crime drama from BBC One and Hulu. Written[...]

Trailer: The Best Offer, From The Director Of Cinema Paradiso

From this first trailer, it seems that The Best Offer will be another love story, though a rather lustier, edgier one, and set against the world of fine art auctions, which all looks a lot colder and harder than Paradiso's projection room.Donald Sutherland, Sylvia Hoeks and Jim Sturgess are in the supporting cast, while Geoffrey[...]

First Trailer For Upside Down Looks Wonderful, Imaginative, Surprising

Canal+ have premiered the first trailer for the sci-fi fantasy Upside Down, a romantic thriller across two worlds, each one hanging upside down in the sky of the other.Jim Sturgess and Kirsten Dunst star Juan Solanas has directed, and with a real eye for a striking image.It's good to see this kind of imagination at[...]

Really Great Images From Imaginative New Fantasy Film, Upside Down

It seems that Kirsten Dunst and Jim Sturgess have a taste for visually imaginative films built on fantastical conceits - she was in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and Melancholia, he was in Heartless and Across the Universe, and is currently filming Cloud Atlas.They come together in another such film, Juan Solanas' Upside Down.We'll[...]

Trailer For One Day With Anne Hathaway And Jim Sturgess – UPDATED

What gives it a great chance of being a hit is the cast, however - Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess, who are both, in my experience, pretty well liked.I certainly think Sturgess is a rare talent and one of the best actors of his peer group.*Or, if they do, Rich draws a picture of them[...]

First Images From Sci-Fi Fantasy Upside Down

There's no sign of co-star Jim Sturgess however, and I've got no clue who that is Ms Dunst is dancing with.Note the green areas in each shot, where we'll no doubt be seeing some upsidey downy FX of some kind Upwards running water or some other flagrant gravity defiance, perhaps? Or maybe simple set extensions[...]

Very Owly Clip And Music Video From Snyder's Legend Of The Guardians

When I previewed a bunch of scenes from Zack Snyder's Legend of the Guardians: Something Something Owls Ga'hoole (they need to streamline that) I was amazed how ferocious and angry some of the cartoon owls were. This was potential Watership Down stuff, the kind of kids movie that ends in tears and blood and new […]

Beautiful Owlstralia – Bleeding Cool Meets The Guardians of Ga'Hoole

There's consistency to the accents, though, and this means Jim Sturgess, the English actor playing hero-owl Soren, has had to adopt Australian articulation.He's not the only one having to modify how they speak - most of the cast were talking with lisps, which was a very nice touch, and something that played wonderfully in the[...]

First Images Of Anne Hathaway And Jim Sturgess Filming One Day

One Day is the next film from Lone Scherfig, director of An Education, and stars Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess.Here's an on-location picture of the stars in Edinburgh It's clearly a flashback scene with flashback hair and flashback fashion.That photo comes from flickriver. Meanwhile, here's some shots of Anne filming with, I believe, Jamie Sives [or[...]

Patricia Clarkson Joins The Cast of Lone Scherfig's One Day

It's a romance starring Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess, and is directed by An Education's Lone Scherfig Not a bad team, though I'm personally sold on it because of Sturgess in particular Here's a bit of a worry: Hathaway's character in the book is from the North of England Is she going to be doing[...]