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Joe Dante Discusses The Termite Terrace Movie That Never Was

As part of Le Monde and Forum des Images' series on films that never came to be, Gremlins director Joe Dante discusses his never-filmed Termite Terrace. The project came about after Dante befriended legendary animator Chuck Jones and would've followed Jones' time as part of the Looney Tunes/Merrie Melodies unit at Warner Bros. In the […]

Gremlins' Joe Dante To Direct An Episode Of Legends Of Tomorrow

Director Joe Dante confirmed an earlier report from Den of Geek stating he might take the reins of an upcoming episode of DC's Legends of Tomorrow. Posting to Twitter a short while ago, Dante wrote: It's true..I'm directing an episode of @TheCW_Legends! — Joe Dante (@joe_dante) December 10, 2015 He also retweeted a […]

Gremlins' Joe Dante To Direct New Thriller Labirintus

Joe Dante, director of The Howling, Innerspace, and Matinee and other 1980s classics, is set to direct Labirintus, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The film centers on a paranormal investigator and a psychiatric researcher who explore an decaying Soviet lab in Hungary. They question their own sanity when they face off against a supernatural horror. […]

SDCC '15: High Def Horrow – Hammer Horror Meets Harryhausen With Joe Dante

By Joshua Stone As a big fan of the classic horror films from the 50s and 60s, I was very excited to attend this panel. The panel was moderated by Gary Miereanu, and the panel featured Warner Archive Podcast hosts George Feltenstein, D. W. Ferranti, and Matthew Patterson. The special guest for the panel was […]

Bertrand Tavernier's Young And Lusty War Film, The Princess Of Montpensier

Joe Dante was so impressed by The Princess of Montpensier, he was moved to send a letter to its director, Bertrand Tavernier. Myself, I thought I'd get him on the phone for a chat. Princess is a very 21st century film, despite being based upon Madame La Fayette's 17th century short story about 16th century […]

How I Tried To Cure Myself Of My Fear Of Clowns

I've always been rather frightened of clowns, and I've always been rather frightened of dolls. Watching Joe Dante's The Hole , I was confronted with not just one or other of those, but both at the same time. Like Poltergeist before it, Dante's film goes for the psychic soft spot with a hideous little clown […]

Meet The Hole From Joe Dante's The Hole

The Hole comes from Joe Dante, the director The Howling, Gremlins, the superb Homecoming episode of Masters of Horror and, to be honest, a whole truck load of films I hold close to my heart. The US is still waiting for the film, but we in the UK saw it in our cinemas last September […]

Joe Dante, Vincenzo Natali And More Team Up For Paris I'll Kill You

Bleeding Cool will later have some exclusive information to share regarding this project, but first I'll have to lay the groundwork. At next week's AFM, one of the in-the-works projects being shopped will be horror anthology Paris, I'll Kill You. The title is meant as a twisted-up reflection of the romantic compendium movie Paris Je […]

Narnia Poster, Trailer And Some Very Interesting Rumours About The Film's 3D

Somewhat mysteriously (not to mention Polishly), the latest Chronicles of Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader leaked its way online at some point in the last few days. To get us all up to speed, here it is, followed by the film's new French poster (via IMPAwards). As you can see from the little badge there, […]

Poster and Trailer For Joe Dante's The Hole 3D

Finally coming to UK cinemas on September 22nd and US cinemas… er… um… one day?… is Joe Dante's The Hole, aka The Hole 3D. That's really what it says on press materials for the film – The Hole 3D. Where the "in" on the poster comes from, I don't know. How ridiculous. Becky Sharp was […]