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Josh Hoopes Scams Two More On DeviantArt

Josh Hoopes Scams Two More On DeviantArt

Posing as Greg Garwood, Josh Hoopes has scammed two more people. Jessica writes; I posted on the DeviantArt forum job section enlisting a comic artist for a short story.  Many replied, but he was the most persistant and cordial.  I'd ask for character drawings as an audition and he was able to produce one, so […]

The Josh Hoopes E-Mails

He has been approached by infamous comics scam merchant, Josh Hoopes, using his Joshua John pseudonym Unknowningly, Gary wrote back; From: Gary MaddenOur home page shows product- interior shots and briefly explains in  text what we do and how.[long details of the company offerings, including company video]So my initial thoughts Can you do it? I'll need[...]

Josh Hoopes Alert At RED &#8211 Beware Of Joshua John

Josh Hoopes Alert At RED – Beware Of "Joshua John"

Josh Hoopes is again trying to launch a series of scams across the comics industry, to try and rip off both new artists and small publishers. Over the years he has easily scammed a six figure sum, though I have managed to stop a number of people from being conned. He is currently advertising for […]