The Josh Hoopes E-Mails

The Josh Hoopes E-MailsHere are some emails, from Gary Madden who has been trying to recruit an artist to do some character design work and storyboards for his company. He has been approached by infamous comics scam merchant, Josh Hoopes, using his Joshua John pseudonym. Unknowningly, Gary wrote back;

From: Gary Madden

Our home page shows product- interior shots and briefly explains in  text what we do and how.

[long details of the company offerings, including company video]

So my initial thoughts. Can you do it? I'll need you to interface
with my web host and provide the material in the format they require

Gary Madden

From: joshua john

mmpressive video by the way! i'm better off with a set rate as well,
however i need to know what you are budgeted for as I don't want to
give you a price that scares you offf from all communication. Lol.
don't want to underbid my self either.

Let me know if $500 for the whole works for you.

Let me know iether way.

From: Gary Madden

No $500.00 is not a scary price. I have a feel for what it is I want but of course lack the talent and creativity to "flesh it out." (more company details).

That's what we're after. We don't want a front man that people would  come to identify with the company- so an animated character with a  voice over narrative is our answer. I also feel people will take a  longer look at a cartoon like character. (I'll use Charley for a name here)

The advantages-benefits are listed below in a somewhat prioritized

Think you can do what I'm thinking of and read my mind and, and, and …for $500.00?

Gary Madden

From: joshua john

That certainly is alot. But nothing i cant handle. The process would  be drawing the story boards after i have something concrete in my mind  from all the details you have given me. Also what kind of a time frame are you on?

When is the deadline? Also what kind of payment method do you use? I normaly use paypal myself. Also are you ok with paying half down now and the rest upon delivery? Let me know as soon as you can as the whole idea is incredible to me. I would love to be a part of this.

Hope to talk soon.


From: Gary Madden

Let me check into Pay Pal. I'd be inclined to pay you by credit card, but I'll get set up with Pay Pal if you prefer- give me a few days-  meetings have me committed until then (Monday). As to payment; my thoughts are $175.00 retainer, $175.00 when you finish the first draft but still need finishing touches and $150.00 when you deliver finished product to my web site host ( Please remember I need it in the format the web host requires. I'll give you a name and contact e-mail and telephone number Monday. If you see any problems, or question your ability to deliver in whatever format they might require- fly the red flag now. You have my contact telephone number- if you'd like to provide one I'll always call on my nickel.

At which point Garry went and googled the name Joshua John and the Gmail address,, and landed on Bleeding Cool.

From: joshua john

garry….. Hope im not bothering you as i know your a busy guy right now. Just confirming that we are still on for this on mon.

From: Gary Madden

If you're legit you've got some PR problems to address. If you're a scam
artist- God you must need money badly

And that was all she wrote. Some people question why I continue to cover Josh Hoopes and his many scams, when there's very littl new to say, well, this is why…

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