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Maneater: Nicky Whalen on Crossing Shark Thriller Off Her Bucket List
Whelan spoke to Bleeding Cool about why she took the project, working with writer-director Justin Lee, her love of shark films, and more. Nicky Whelan in Maneater (2022) Image courtesy of Saban Films Bleeding Cool: What attracted you to Maneater? Whelan: Every couple of years, the shark movies come out, and they're always so much fun[...]
Maneater: Jeff Fahey on Shark Thriller & Working with Trace Adkins
Fahey spoke with Bleeding Cool about working with writer-director Justin Lee and wanting to share scenes with co-star and country music artist Trace Adkins. Jeff Fahey attends the premiere of "Beckman" at the Universal Hilton Hotel at Universal Studios Hollywood in Los Angeles, CA, on Sept 21, 2020 Editorial credit: CarlaVanWagoner / Shutterstock.com Bleeding Cool: What intrigued[...]
Apache Junction Star Stuart Townsend on Living His Western Dream
Having worked in the industry for almost three decades, the actor finally got his chance to shine as Jericho Ford in the Justin Lee film Apache Junction I spoke to the actor about the dream role, working with Lee and co-stars Thomas Jane and Scout Taylor-Compton. Stuart Townsend in Apache Junction (2021) Image courtesy of Saban[...]
Apache Junction Director Justin Lee Growing Up on Westerns
Justin Lee is doing his best to bring back the kind of heroes and characters that helped shape his youth with his love of Westerns in his latest film Apache Junction While Lee didn't share his hero Clint Eastwood's passion for acting, he did follow him in his pursuit behind the camera directing Other figures[...]
Artificial on Twitch: Interview with Justin Lee, the Show's Conscience
Today, we interview Justin Lee, who plays Justin in Artificial, Twitch's interactive Science Fiction webseries, which ended its 3rd season recently He serves as the show's moral conscience Created by Bernie Su and Evan Mandery, Artificial follows a group of scientists as they create artificial intelligence in the form of a robot and try to[...]
Artificial Season 3 Finale: Twitch Interactive Drama Nails the Landing
Is it his rival industrialist Zander Cruz (Dante Basco)? The recently-fired Justin (Justin Lee), who was already caught trying to bust Lilith out? Could Elle's ex Asher (Devon Werkeiser) have been involved somehow? Is it the ethicist Carmen (La Trice Harper), who had been arguing against the dangers of AI? Or could it be AI[...]