Paradox Girl: For the Girl Who is Everything

"Paradox Girl": For the Girl Who is Everything

The girl can’t help it. [rwp_box_recap id="0"]This series reminded me of a French graphic novel from 2005 called “The Six-Hundred-and-Seventy-Six Apparitions of Killoffer” by Killoffer That was a largely wordless story about a slob in a suit who encounters multiple versions of himself that keep fighting and killing each other It was very existential in that[...]

JC Menu To Leave LAssociation

JC Menu To Leave L'Association

Bleeding Cool reported last week that the current board members of French alternative comics publisher L'Association had reached an accord, with six of the seven founders, famed comic creators in their own right, including previous controversial chief editor Jean-Christophe Menu, were to work together and forget their previous differences. After strikes, general meetings and protests, […]

LAssociation At Peace – Will Marjane Satrapi Sit On Editorial Board

L'Association At Peace – Will Marjane Satrapi Sit On Editorial Board?

accord.Six of the seven founders, Matt Konture, Mokeit,, Killoffer, David B, Lewis Trondheim and the controversial JC Menu (Stanlislas seems to have given up on the whole thing) have created a new office for the company , with David B as president, Killofer as secretary and Lewis Trondheim as treasurer The new company will meet[...]