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Death Stranding
Esteemed video game auteur Hideo Kojima confirmed on twitter that he is currently working on an E3 trailer for his latest game Death Stranding The mysterious game has a premise that it seems few people understand, and the trailers have told us very little, but hopefully this latest one will tell us a bit more[...]
The Death Stranding Trailer From E3 Is A Cutscene From The Game
During his talk at SDCC, Kojima revealed that, nope, that cut scene is pulled straight from the game You'll be playing, and then that cutscene will happen, and then you will start playing again. I really can't even begin to image what this game is I will say one thing though, I am excited to find[...]
Hideo Kojima Thinks That Gaming Is Headed Towards An Episodic Future
Hitman is a great example, and there will no doubt be those who will adopt the model. Death Stranding and Metal Gear Solid lead Hideo Kojima thinks this is just the way the industry headed In an interview with Gamespot, the developer explained that he thinks the entire media is trending towards shorter content, but also[...]
Hideo Kojima May Have Implied Why He And Konami Split
With Hideo Kojima now gone from Konami and re-establishing Kojima Productions as an independent developer, there is one question everyone wants answered: "What happened between the developer and the publisher?" Of course, we probably will never know as these break ups are always accompanied by a gag order, which is indeed the case here. However, in[...]
Easter Egg Suggests That Kojima Knew He Was Leaving Konami A While Ago
As you aim at them, most of them disappear. Except those that aren't directed by Hideo Kojima rather interestingly. This is eerily similar to Konami's treatment of Kojima's name in recent months as they retroactively have erased his name from titles he's worked on Also, a lot of the dialogue associated with the mission seems to be[...]
Kojima Productions Has Been Disbanded Confirms Metal Gear Voice Actor
The whole Konami vs Hideo Kojima mess has thus far been one of the stories of the year in games The way the company has distanced itself from the prolific game designer is pretty much unheard of I've never seen a name so synonumous with a brand erased so quickly and thoroughly before. Through all of[...]