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Fifteen Thoughts About Fifteen Comics – All New X-Men, Flash, Prophet, Fatale, RIPD, Before Watchmen (x2), All Star Western, My Little Pony, Superman, Teen Titans, A Plus X, FF, Lot 13 And Thor,
Didn't see it coming… Lot 13 gives us an interesting first person perspective shot You know, when your eye has been removed, leaving a socket that still seems to function… Early Thor really wants that Mjlonir But why did I feel this was a precursor to some product placement, where he gets to pick up the hammer[...]
Lot 13 Deserves A Lot Of Attention
LOL) What I'm asking about though is, what happens, or doesn't happen, for a project between two popular and talented artists to come out and go entirely under the radar? I'm talking about Lot 13 of course. IT'S GLEN FABRY DOING INTERIORS WHAT IS THE MATTER WITH YOU? I say this as the idiot who passed[...]
The Week In Beheadings (SPOILERS)
Let's have a look at some of them… remember, decapitation si often seen on the final page of a comic, so there are spoilers here for Ferals, Happy, CBLDF Liberty Annual 2012, Bedlam, Dan The Unharmable and Lot 13. First we have Lot 13, in which one individual gets rather mashed, with a limb or two[...]
Three DC Comics For Hallowe'en – Ghosts, Lot 13 And Bedlam
The first is Lot 13 from Steve Niles and Glenn Fabry, originally for Wildstorm's creator owned line, but a long time getting to publication And this is your proper, classic, non-ironic modern ghost story A terrible thing happened a long time ago… a family killed by a father who then committed suicide, have their corpses[...]
Two DC Comics Not To Ignore For Hallowe'en – Lot 13 And Ghosts
With the New 52 and Before Watchmen, Girl With A Dragon Tattoo and Get Jiro taking all the DC headlines, it's worth checking for a couple of projects that may go amiss otherwise. The first is Lot 13 by Steve Niles and Glenn Fabry, originally comissioned as a Wildstorm creator owned mini-series, it's tucked in the[...]
Two Pages From Steven Niles And Glenn Fabry's Lot 13
Two pages from an upcoming Wildstorm creator-owned comic – and now, presumably, a DC creator-owned comic, Lot 13 from Steven Niles and Glenn Fabry The first page is from the second issue, the second page is from the fourth Quite a way into production then… This is what I like to wake up to Two[...]