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The Strange Talent Of Luthor Strode #1 Sells Copies for $150 on eBay
On the back of last week's news that The Strange Talent Of Luther Strode comic book by Justin Jordan and Tradd Strong has been picked up as a movie, the first issue of Luther Strode exploded on eBay We reported initially that copies had been selling from $40 to $50 Well, we hadn't seen anything[...]
Justin Jordan and Tradd Moore's Luther Strode Getting A Movie?
Word is breaking at The Hollywood Reporter this morning that The Strange Talent of Luther Strode – Image Comics' breakout hit series that launched the careers of writer Justin Jordan and Tradd Moore to much critical acclaim – has been tapped for a feature film adaptation by a new production company called Allnighter from some[...]
suicide squad tradd moore
Late last night, comic artist Tradd Moore shared a new image on his Instagram page that revealed that we almost got a Suicide Squad story from the creator last year. The artist, whose work on action series Luther Strode over at Image Comics showed his incredible talent for balls-to-the-wall action sequences and creative comics storytelling, almost[...]
Luther Strode
The complete Luther Strode series, made up of a trilogy of mini-series from Image Comics by Justin Jordan, Tradd Moore and Felipe Sobreiro is to be collected into a gorgeous hardcover edition by the publisher and available in comic stores Wednesday, October 4th and in book stores Tuesday, October 10th. Luther Strode: The Complete Series cover[...]
The Legacy Of Luther Strode, From Justin Jordan And Tradd Moore, For January 2015
As tumbled by Justin Jordan, confirmation tha Tradd Moore and Jordan will be reuniting for The Legacy Of Luther Strode, the third such series, from Image Comics in January 2015, following on from The Strange Talent Of… and The Legend Of… And some new designs by Tradd of Luther and Petra… As tumbled by Justin Jordan, confirmation[...]
Fifteen Thoughts About Fifteen Comics – Superior Spider-Man, Iron Man, Cyberforce, Robocop, Burn The Ophanage, Satellite Sam, Sheltered, Trillium, Superior Foes Of Spider-Man, Dial H, Hunger, The Movement, Action Comics, Detective Comics, Luther Strode
Is this the first DC appearance of Batboy? Luther Strode there, folks From the writer DC wanted to work on Superboy That was always going to end well, wasn't it? So what have we learned this week? That guns don't kill people, neighbourhood watch kills people That the Weekly World News is true And That thing about[...]
A Second Look At Luther Strode Vol 1 or Why Justin Jordan Is So Bloody Hot Right Now
More power to them. Luther Strode, written by Jordan and drawn by the superbly talented Tradd Moore, was an honest to goodness co-creation, launched by Image to increasing success, though at Heroes Con this summer Jordan expressed surprise at the fan-base and still considered it something of a small personal project alongside his more mainstream work[...]
Luther Strode VS Comic Book Retailers
The first three issues of the new Luther Strode series have variant covers that see Chuck Rozanski of Mile High, Steve Anderson of Third Eye Comics and Aaron Haaland of A Comic Shop getting the shit kicked out of them by Luthor Strode. These will continue for the last three issues of the series as well,[...]
Justin Jordan At NYCC: A Look! It Moves! Video
Adi Tantimedh writes for Bleeding Cool from the floor of NYCC; I'll be wandering around NYCC all weekend shooting scrappy little videos on my phone, interviewing creators and editors and generally paying attention to what I think deserves attention. First, here's a quick interview with Justin Jordan, long-time friend from various forums, writing of THE ADVENTURES OF LUTHER[...]
Speculator Watch: The Strange Talent Of Luther Strode #1
Bleeding Cool broke the story of the details of one Strange Talent Of Luther Strode by Justin Jordan and Tradd Moore earlier in the year And yesterday it was published by Image Comics And the reviews have been extraordinary. "The Strange Talent of Luther Strode is one of the strongest first issues of the year,[...]
New Luther Strode Art In Pre Order Promotion
Bleeding Cool was the first to tell you about the upcoming series from Image, The Strange Talent Of Luther Strode, as well as giving you preview pages – which didn't exactly make us friends at the publisher So I hope no one will get upset about us putting up this preorder image with unseen artwork from[...]