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Behind the Scenes: Man Plus No. 1 (Titan Comics)
By Olly MacNamee 'From artist/writer André Lima Araújo (Avengers AI, Ultimate FF, Age of Apocalypse) comes this high-octane dystopian thriller in which technology rules with a heavy hand, cyborg strike teams are commonplace, and the lines between man and machine grow hazier every day.' [youtube][/youtube] Out this week, the first issue of Titan Comics' new title, Man Plus[...]
Man Plus By Andre Araujo, Thunderhunters By Mark A Nelson, Adler By Lavie Tidhar And Paul McCaffrey, Gravestown By Roger Gibson And Vince Danks – All Announced By Titan Comics At San Diego
Announced at the Retailer Lunch at San Diego Comic Con (where Bleeding Cool is reporting up a storm) a slate of new titles from Titan Comics… Man Plus by Andrew Araujo, Thunderhunters by Mark A Nelson, Adler by Lavie Tidhar and Paul McCaffrey and Gravestown by Roger Gibson and Vince Danks. Here's a look at how[...]