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Nintendo Shows Off More Of "The Legend Of Zelda: Link's Awakening"

The "Link's Awakening" Dungeon Builder Is A "Mario Maker" Concept

It was a Zelda Mario Maker idea In a new article from IGN, Zelda producer Eiji Aonuma talked a little about the new addition to the remake Apparently, Shigeru Miyamoto had made a request as to whether or not they could do a Zelda-version of Mario Maker, where you could build your own old-school dungeons.[caption[...]

Someone Made Classic Zelda Dungeons In "Super Mario Maker 2"

Someone Made Classic Zelda Dungeons In "Super Mario Maker 2"

People are seriously making some impressive levels in Super Mario Maker 2, and the latest set is a callback to the Zelda games of old For those of you who have played the original 1986 NES version of The Legend Of Zelda, the image below may look slightly familiar to you This is a variation[...]

Mega Man Creator Tries His Hand At Making A Level In Mario Maker

Well, Inafune has now tried his hand at Super Mario Maker as part of Polygon's Dev's Make Mario series Unsurprisingly, his level is pretty tough looking, with him saying that he wants players to be able to die at any point He certainly has a thing for making Piranha Plants and making the player jump[...]

The Super Mario Maker Community Is Pushing Nintendo To Make Better Levels

There is something brave about creation tools being made by a developer and then handed over to a community. In a lot of cases, more or less by sheer man power, the audience might well be creating better designed levels than the actual creators with the tools. Rather than be intimidated by that, Nintendo producer Takashi […]

Super Mario Maker Has Sold 1 Million Copies Worldwide

Super Mario Maker has been everywhere of late You can't go two clicks on Twitter or YouTube without getting tons of digitised codes for created levels thrown in your face And that is great It's amazing to see people getting so creative with game design.That is why I'm not surprised to hear the the game[...]

This Super Mario Maker Level Is 'Near' Impossible

I've seen some of the madness taking place in Super Mario Maker since its launch and some of the creations people have come up with are somewhat mind boggling.And this one might well be the most mind boggling of them all, or at least the most challenging This level was created by PangaeaPanga, and after 11,000[...]

Category: Video Games – Episode 49: Get Outta My Games

We talk about the the delights of Mario Maker, the somewhat terrible Deus Ex: Mankind Divided augment your pre-order campaign, the prospect of a Mega Man movie, Metal Gear Solid V, Mad Mac and a whole bunch more.Give the episode a listen here:[audio:]You can subscribe to us on iTunes here too if you want to keep up[...]

Castlevania Designer Creates A Mad Level In Mario Maker

Right now he is off on Kickstarter adventures with Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night, which did pretty well for itself.So what happens if you give the guy Mario Maker? Well, he creates something pretty mad, unsurprisingly This video from Polygon shows IGA putting together a spooky castle level (of course) before filling it with some pretty[...]

The Splatoon Amiibo Functionality In Mario Maker Is Delightful

In case you didn't know, Amiibo are going to have a really cool feature in Super Mario Maker You can place some of your Amiibo on your Wii U gamepad and then take control of a corresponding 8-bit sprite in the game.And the Splatoon figure's capabilities might be the most adorable As Destructoid pointed out,[...]

Super Mario Maker Getting Limited Editions With Neat Retro Mario Amiibos

Super Mario Maker is undoubtedly the biggest release coming to Wii U this year The game captured people's imaginations at E3 this year and it was really one of the surprises of the show.That's why I'm sure these limited edition versions of the games will catch the eye of many Nintendo elite These packs will[...]

Mario Maker Gets A Release Window For This Year

The potential for Mario Maker is huge The Nintendo game is going to put a Mario level creator into the hands of its audience to play around and design their own 2D platformers You will then be able to set each one in the art style of Super Mario Bros, Super Mario World, Super Mario Bros[...]

Picking up the Slack – Nintendo Frolicks At E3

Another potential hit, merging two classic franchises to create a new game with elements of both. On the way to an overlong tech demo of Mario Maker, a way to create your own 2D Mario games, (Yeah, I guessed he wasn't dead) we got big mech Manga action with Xenoblade Chronicles X, which certainly looked like[...]