Castlevania Designer Creates A Mad Level In Mario Maker

Koji Igarashi is a man who was once synonymous with Castlevania. He was one of the guiding hands on Symphony of the Night and before leaving Konami, it very much felt like his series. Right now he is off on Kickstarter adventures with Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night, which did pretty well for itself.

So what happens if you give the guy Mario Maker? Well, he creates something pretty mad, unsurprisingly. This video from Polygon shows IGA putting together a spooky castle level (of course) before filling it with some pretty punishing mechanics. Hell, he puts a Bowser right at the beginning just to mess with the player.

Take a look:

I love how much fun he is having with this.

I really hope more legendary game designers take this on. I'd love to see more and more levels from designing elite. .

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