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Marvel Comics To Publish Marvel Voices: Pride For June?
Bleeding Cool has heard the word that after the success of the Marvel Voices: Indigenous Voices and Marvel Voices: Legacy comic books based on their popular podcast, that Marvel is planning a new volume for June The Marvel Voices comic books aim to feature and spotlight a diverse range of characters from equally diverse creators[...]
Marvel Voices: Legacy #1 Review: A True Treasure
With remarkable succinctness and the mixture of levity and action that has made the Mouse House of Ideas so much money on the silver screen, Marvel Voices: Legacy #1 is an anthology of short stories by Black creators and focused largely on Black characters is a true treasure that achieves at a very high level[...]
Marvel Comics Launches Indigenous Voices #1 in November
I am truly grateful for the platform that Marvel has not only provided for me and my work, but with this edition of Marvel Voices, all of Native America," Veregge said "This is an opportunity to share the cultural influences that we as Native artists and writers grew up with that will add more depth[...]