Matt Baker Archives
After a seven-issue start as a funny animal title, Victor Fox company Fox Features Syndicate transformed its All Top Comics series into the kind of content it has become best known for to collectors in the decades since.  The title is best remembered today for its jungle girl-centric content featuring the likes of Rulah and[...]
The True Crime Roots of Fox Feature's Phantom Lady
Issue for issue, Fox Features Syndicate's 1947-1949 run of the title Phantom Lady is one of the most sought after titles in American vintage comics history.  It's 12 issues of gorgeously delineated covers and art from Matt Baker, Jack Kamen, and others.  Countless articles have been written about Baker and his talents — his sure-handed[...]
Very Objectionable: Supernatural & "Sexy Implications" of Ghost Comics
EC Comics titles like Haunt of Fear, Shock SuspenStories, and Tales from the Crypt; Fawcett title This Magazine is Haunted; and even enduring Marvel Comics titles like Strange Tales have all transcended the politically-motivated witch hunt stigma of the 1950s to be considered well-crafted classics in the modern day.  But a few of those 65[...]
Get a Piece of Good Girl Art History with Phantom Lady #17!
In fact, one of the most famous pieces of good girl art can be found on Phantom Lady #17, drawn by the legendary Matt Baker — one of the few African American artists during World War 2, who is rightfully being celebrated now (though he should have been celebrated back then as well). The character, created by[...]
Lauren Looks Back: Matt Baker
There's a lot one could say about artist Matt Baker He is absolutely a pioneer in the comic industry, being the first known African American comic book artist to find success in the industry Born December 10, 1921 in North Carolina, he moved to Pittsburgh, PA with his family at a young age After high[...]