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Then there's Entertainment Weekly and their continuing "road of reveals" leading into Comic-Cin International: San Diego (SDCC) that revealed comic book character Dante's transition to the small screen and an active effort to bring Lauren Cohan (Maggie) back to the Walking Dead universe. With huge announcements like that, sometimes other eyeball-worthy content can get missed, so here's[...]
The Walking Dead's Abraham, Eugene Ensure 'The Kids Are Alright' – Just Don't Tell Carol
Sometimes, there are those on-creen pairings that just work: Cybill Shepherd and Bruce Willis… Michael Knight and KITT… Bert and Ernie. If you're a long-time fan of The Walking Dead, you'd probably add Eugene (Josh McDermitt) and Abraham (Michael Cudlitz) to that list But while their future post-walker apocalypse shenanigans were cut short by the business end[...]
the walking dead
Abraham Ford himself will be returning to active directorial service when Michael Cudlitz (The Kids Are Alright) returns to the helm for the third episode of the long-running series's season return. Speaking with EW Morning Live (Entertainment Weekly Radio, SiriusXM channel 105) Tuesday morning, Cudlitz admitted that leaving the series was made much easier because he[...]
'The Walking Dead': Did Michael Cudlitz Confirm He's Playing Abraham Again? [VIDEO]
The Walking Dead's Michael Cudlitz, current star of ABC's The Kids Are Alright and one who will be forever known for his turn as Abraham Ford in the AMC series, hasn't strayed too far from Robert Kirkman's franchise Along with the much-funnier-than-they-have-any-right-to-be commericals for mobile AR game The Walking Dead: Our World, Cudlitz extended his professional[...]
'The Walking Dead': James Woods' Man Tears Feed Abraham/Negan Team-Up
Someone like Michael Cudlitz, current star of ABC's The Kids Are Alright but famous for his turn as Abraham Ford in the AMC series Cudlitz extended his professional brand to include directing, taking the reins for this season's seventh episode, "Stradivarius" – and still harboring strong family feelings for his apocalyptic alma mater: Now lest anyone[...]
Andrew Lincoln Plans for 'The Walking Dead' Season 10 Return
During the current fourth season of Fear the Walking Dead, Colman Domingo (Victor Strand) directed the episode 'Weak;' and The Walking Dead's Michael Cudlitz (Abraham) is directing this season's seventh episode, 'Stradivarius.' As for why he's returning to the series so soon, Lincoln joked, "I can't be that far away because I can't bear it[...]
The 'Fear the Walking Dead'/'The Walking Dead' Crossover You Might've Missed
As Madison (Kim Dickens) is going through one of Althea's (Maggie Grace) boxes of tapes, we briefly see a tape labeled  "Abe/Doctor" – names that should be very familiar to fans: https://youtu.be/fOpVbE1WPaAVideo can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: (SPOILERS) Talked About Scene: Episode 505: The Walking Dead: Self-Help (https://youtu.be/fOpVbE1WPaA) Yup, "Abe/Doctor" are Abraham Ford (Michael Cudlitz)[...]
Mary McCormack
Editorial credit: DFree / Shutterstock.com In Plain Sight's Mary McCormack has been cast to play the female lead opposite Michael Cudlitz in a new comedy pilot from Tim Doyle (Last Man Standing) The pilot will be written and executive produced by Doyle while Randall Einhorn will direct The as-yet-named comedy takes place in the 1970s and[...]
walking dead crossover
With cast and crew of FTWD heading to Austin, Texas, to prepare for filming, social media rumors were buzzing over the idea of Michael Cudlitz reprising his Texas-based Abraham on Fear the Walking Dead Though Cudlitz in on record being in favor of the idea, TWD creative have dismissed the idea. One thing we can be sure of?[...]