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“Star Trek” United Space Ships Come to Life with Eaglemoss
We have already seen a couple of new United Space Ships get their own models from Eaglemoss but this time its time for some alien ships There are three new ships getting models and each one is packed with detail! Each ship is built off die cast materials and as carefully recreated to give Star[...]
Build A Classic PlayStation Or Sega Saturn Model With These New Kits
Now, thanks to a new line from Bandai, you can build your own! Two new model kits, one for the original PlayStation and the other for the Sega Saturn, are in the works now. Part of a 2/5 line called Best Hit Chronicle, the models first debuted at the 2019 All Japan Model Hobby Show Everything[...]
NOVA Open banner for games workshop
What's more, all of the armies within the bounds of the 40K universe will be involved in this massive undertaking. Source: Games Workshop On top of all that, there will be a good many models released alongside this campaign, which, alongside the fact that all of the 40K armies are in this campaign, implies that each army will[...]
America's Next Top Model
The cable-used-to-be-music network is embracing their second season (which is actually Cycle 24) of the show, and they continue to drop gems of sneak peeks. The models are learning from the BEST in the game 💄 Get a sneak peek at tonight's STAR-studded episode ⭐️ Watch the full #ANTM clip here: — ANTM (@ANTMVH1) February[...]
Get Your Hands On A Metal Gear Solid V Sahelanthropus Model Next April
Not only is it is a huge mech with a rather phallic gun, but it was also fun to hear the voice actors stumble over its pronunciation each time it was talked about.  Hideo Kojima has been tweeting pictures of models for the mech recently, and finally we have some concrete details on when we can[...]